• Assessed the financial viability of establishing a combined residential and business NZ$100 million broadband network with TelstraClear, a leading Australasian telecommunications company, and a local utility company and subsequently involved in negotiating a partnership agreement between the two parties. (Telstra is listed on the Australian and United States Stock Exchanges).
  • Advised TelstraClear on the sale of a transponder on the Optus D1 satellite to Television New Zealand, the state owned broadcaster. The transponder had a transmission footprint covering New Zealand.
  • Team member that advised on the commercial opportunities and policies for broadband development along the rail corridor for Auckland Regional Transport Network Limited, New Zealand and subsequently led the negotiation of a partnering arrangement with a telecommunications service provider.
  • Project managed a project feasibility review of the TAITAN broadband network for Northland Regional Council, New Zealand, a high capacity fibre-optic backbone network connecting key towns and institutions in the Northland region.